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Steel Ring Baby Carrier Slings of Bolivian Aguayo cloth

Steel Ring slings are considered very good for breastfeeding, their adjustability allows them to be lengthened to allow easy access to the breast, and they can then be re-adjusted quickly when nursing is done. Ring slings are often the carriers of choice in the first months of life, when babies are small and nurse frequently.

Although similar to Guatemalan Maya wrap baby carrier, Luis Michel slings are made with Bolivian colourful 100% woven acrylic Aguayo, washable ideal for a baby sling: strong, yet breathable, easy to manipulate and lightweight. It folds to fit easily in a diaper bag.

Available in 3 sizes (L, M, S), they are completely adjustable to easily fit most individuals. A medium sling will fit most people comfortably - the difference is the length of the sling.

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Pouch slings to carry babies or pets. Adjustable. One size fits all.

Sometimes called "tube", "pocket" or "ringlets" slings, are formed by a wide piece of colourful bolivian woven acrylic aguayo, first class 100% polyester lined, washable. Curve sewn in to shape the cloth to the parent's body and hold the baby more securely than a simple straight tube. The wearer slips the pouch over the head and one shoulder, sash-style, creating a pocket or seat to hold baby or pet in. The learning curve is short; most people find that they can learn to use the pouch quickly.

Can be used to safely wear a baby from birth to toddler hood. Pouches are ideal for situations in which babies are frequently being removed from the pouch and put back in, for older children who do not want to be carried long but are heavy enough to be difficult to carry in-arms, and for young, small babies who are not heavy.

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Please contact us with your requirements or, after you complete your design with "BRAID WIZARD", please send your design file by E-mail as an attachement to Luis Michel We will then send you a print of your self designed rug and a sample braid. One of our sales representatives will contact you to finalize the order.

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